Marina Buening, Kristien de Neve, Anita Guerra, Maria Korporal

PERIODO: dal 3 agosto al 2 settembre 2018

LUOGO: Hillyer, Washington DC



Under Another Roof is an exhibition based on the site-specific installation, Under the Same Roof presented at the gallery Sala 1 in Rome, Italy in May
2018. Four artists born in four different countries—Buening (Germany), De Neve (Belgium), Guerra (Cuba), and Korporal (The Netherlands) – choose to focus on the desire and need for a harmonious coexistence, while dealing with the difficulties and the fears of this endeavor.

In Rome, they constructed a common building, octagonal in shape, with four entrances and four walls, as a visual metaphor of cohabitation. Each of the vertical walls showed how each artist connects earth with heaven through a personal visual vocabulary and message. In Washington DC, the work of the four artists once again shares the same sky and the same ground, under a new roof of the Hillyer galleries while the four walls are differentiated by the traces of each individual’s visual language.

On each of the four walls, the observer can now find some traces of the former site-specific installation, re-elaborated for Hillyer in a more synthetic version, without any premeditated or direct interaction between them. In each of the artist’s works there is a clear invitation towards self-investigation as a condition for living more harmoniously with other people and with our environment in its broadest sense.


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